Saturday, 5 July 2014

Commercial pilot training at a glance

If you have the passion of flying high in air, then considering it as your career can be a sagacious choice. One of the best ways to enter into this field is to become a commercial pilot. For this you are supposed to complete the commercial pilot training with flying colors. Once you have the commercial license, which allows you to fly the commercial flights legally then the options of entering in this career avenue becomes a reality. For becoming a commercial pilot in countries like Canada, you need a series of aviations licenses, which comes via showcasing your skills sets and mastery over a number of flying situations. Though a commercial pilot licenses simply all you to make money through flying, it simply alone does not render you the qualification in order to fly the commercial airlines. Most of the larger airline companies do require training and licensing beyond having the commercial licenses level before you turn out one of their pilots.  

The prerequisites
In order to go through commercial pilot training program successfully, you are supposed to first obtain the Category 1 medical designation, which comes out by simply qualifying the physical tests as carried out by the Transport Canada Aviation Medical Examiner. This is among the extensive kind of exam, which include the tests pertaining to hearing, vision and even the ECG. The medical experts or doctors will then even check your medical history. They will then find out a complete list of the current medical guidelines for your Category 1 medical test, which conforms to the one as shown over the Transport Canada website. If you are keen to find the Aviation Medical Examiner, consider seeking the help from Transport Canada or any reputed pilot training school found in your area. 

Earn your PPL or Private Pilot License
In order to accomplish your commercial pilot training, you are first required to earn your private pilot license. The flight schools in Canada often award these kinds of licenses apart from certain selected universities and college dealing with different flight programs. You can visit the Pilot Career Center portal in order to find out the relevant program in order to get the same. Once you plan to earn the private licenses, you are supposed to undergo a minimum of around 45 hours of flying time duration along with the same amount of classroom work assignments in order to learn the fundamental principles pertaining to aviation. Once you complete the said amount of classroom and flight time training, you are eligible to appear for the PPL or Private License written exam.  This is basically a multiple choice option test, which is conducted by the Transport Canada and the test flight wherein you are supposed to perform a variety of flight maneuvers under the supervision of one examiner. The training school you join would help you in finding the required study material, which helps in its preparation.

Get your night training
Though you may not find any kind of formal exam in order to find this rating, however, you are supposed to complete the five hours of night flying with the help of an instructor. This includes the two hours of cross country night flying as well. Also, you are supposed to complete total five hours of the solo flying at night and thus perform 10 take offs and landings. All these hours would be added to your flying log with the help of your flight training school. Once you complete them, you end up getting the night rating. 

Complete your CPL commercial pilot training
Now, you have to complete your commercial pilot training program wherein you are supposed to complete the additional 65 hours of flight training time, which is divided into 35 hours of instructor training and remaining 30 hours would be complete solo. In this instructor training 20 hours of flight training time with your instructor would be seen focusing on carrying out different drills with the help of aircraft instruments. Also, you are supposed to complete 40 hours of classroom hours wherein you are supposed to qualify the commercial license written test, which is again conducted by Transport Canada and is based on multiple choice options. This follows the flight maneuver exam. The institute training you would provide the necessary study material to qualify this test. 

The future is all yours
Once you complete your commercial pilot training program, you get your commercial pilot license, which allow you to apply at any airlines. The career of a commercial pilot is very much lucrative, which goes up with added amount of experience and exposure. Though you get a modest start once you get on over any commercial flight as commercial pilot, but once you gain more amount of experience in this field, the perks, pay package simply goes up. 


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