Monday, 30 June 2014

Getting Commercial Pilot License to start a good aviation career

Congrats for deciding on making your career in aviation industry as a commercial pilot at the outset. If you are really keen in making your career in this industry, then you won’t mind going through this article, as you are more likely to get loads of information, which can arm you the best to get a right start. Today when you can see lots of airline companies embarking in the market and phenomenon of adding up certain new ones are still seen adding up. Luckily, at such a helm of affair, if you are aspiring to become a commercial pilot, you are bound to make a lucrative career out of this domain. As per experts, the boom of aviation is going to remain way ahead of 2030, which all started 2 years before. The job market of commercial pilot is likely to boost up in the coming years. The very first thing you need to become a commercial pilot is the CPL or commercial pilot license. 

Why should you become a commercial pilot?  
Technically speaking in order to prosper in this field, you need to have the passion and hobby of flying in air. If you have been excited about the planes and flying high in air you have one of the best career options waiting for you to harness. The job of commercial pilot is to enjoy risk and adventure and remain in the air to carry out commercial planes from one place to the other. Indeed the career opportunities in aviation sector are on a sudden rise. This is one of the best times in the history of aviation to make good career as commercial pilot. The number of commercial pilots the industry need is on a constant rise. As per reports, if you see the rate of retirement of commercial pilot soon you would see a crunch of good pilots in the coming decade; hence this is the right time to enter in this field. As far as the salaries are concerned, it starts with a good package, which keeps on adding up as your experience keeps on flourishing in the coming next years. So, in terms of money, passion, status symbol, the career of commercial pilot is always lucrative.  
The commercial pilot license
As the name suggest, the commercial pilot license allows you to fly commercial aircrafts and flights on air. This simply means that you would be professionally flying different commercial planes and would be compensated by the company for flying the planes. This license is compulsory for people who are interested in making a career in flying. The very basic requirement for this license is the private pilot license, which you need to have before applying for the commercial pilot license. 
The specific requirements for CPL
In order to be a successful commercial pilot, you are supposed to have certain basic requirements, which include the minimum age of 18, the medical requirements should be par and you must have class 1 Medical certificate, which is to be valid for the commercial pilot license. As far as the ground school requirement is concerned, you are supposed to complete at least 80 hours of private pilot ground school training. In order to pass the written test exam for the commercial pilot license you should have the minimum score of 60 percent. In addition, you are supposed to achieve the minimum score of around 60 percent in each of the subjects including Meteorology, Navigation, Air Law and Aeronautics. 
The flying requirements of CPL
You must have completed at least 200 hours of total flying time that should include 100 hours as pilot in command and the 20 hours of cross country flight as the pilot in command. Once you get the PPL you are then required to complete 65 hours of commercial pilot training program, which would comprise of 35 hours of dual instruction with the certified flight instructor, 5 hours of cross country flying and 5 hours of night time flying. This can include the 5 hours of night time flying, which should be at least two hours of night time cross country flight time. Of the total 65 hours of flying you should include the minimum of 20 hours of additional instrument flying wherein around 10 of the hours could be performed over the approved flight simulators. 
The cost
The cost of commercial pilot license would generally vary from one training program to the other programs run by different flying schools. However, the average cost of the training program can cost you around 30,000 to 40,000 dollars depending upon the institute and other factors. Most the schools differ by flight school and the amount of time it consumes to master the content. This is considered to be among the biggest factor that makes the difference.


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