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Getting your commercial pilot license in India from DGCA

Making your career as a commercial pilot is one of the most exciting and handsome job options one can enjoy in life provided you have the passion to fly high and add adventure in your life. You often find youngsters getting attracted towards this career, considering the adventure element and the high-end benefits they receive from this option. This highly rated job option would demand to undergo an intensive kind of training so as to perform the best. The profession would also demand some other set of attributes like patience, long and extended working hours, and devotion, which all are must to posses before you think of enjoying this career.  If you are keen to make a career in this field especially in countries like India, you are supposed to know the rules and regulations of getting commercial pilot license in India, which you often get from DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation). Once you find the license, you become eligible to apply in various airlines company and get a job of commercial pilot. 

The basic perquisites of CPL in India

The aspirants looking out to make career as commercial pilot in India should check some basic prerequisites before heading out to this career. These include both the academic and physical/medical attributes, which are supposed to be checked and adhered in order to enter into this domain. Well, let us check the following as under:  

First of all, you are supposed to be at least a 10+2 pass out in subjects like Physics and Maths with the minimum marks of 50 percent. Secondly, your age should not be less than 18 years for applying for commercial pilot license, however, for applying this, you are supposed to have the PPL and SPL training first then only you become eligible for CPL. For SPL (student pilot license) the age limit is 16, while for private pilot license the age limit is 17. However, you have the choice of enrolling for PPL directly provided you age is 17 followed by the CPL. With this option, you are supposed to qualify for the exam as conducted by DGCA comprising of theoretical subjects like air navigation, air regulation, technical aspects and aviation meteorology. 

As far as medical or health point of view, you are supposed to have a perfect vision in at least one eye. In terms of medical, it is known as 6/6 eyesight. The other eye has the option of having the eyesight of 6/9, which should be correctable to the perfect eyesight of 6/6. The general physical fitness comes out to be compulsory, which says that you should be free from any kind of infectious diseases, which can affect your normal body functions. You should be competent enough to have the right amount of hours, clear the written papers and medical exams.  In these exams, you are supposed to get 70% marks. The application form for these exams can be found out at any flying club office or you can even get the same from DGCA office by asking them to send you the form by sending a self-addressed envelope.

The selection procedure for Commercial Pilot License Training Program in India

The procedure for getting selected for the CPL training program is very much different in India as compared to the other nations. It is often based on the written and the medical test, once you qualify the two, you are eligible to enrol for the said program. The candidates once qualify the written exam are further called out for the medical test, which is always conducted by the DGCA. The written test session generally carry three different stages – first is objective type question, then interview and finally you have a pilot aptitude test as well to clear. The objective type questions often cover subjects like maths, physics, IQ, Geography, General knowledge and English. Once you clear this exam, you would appear for the interview, while you would be then considered for the Pilot Aptitude Test. Then you have the medical test, which comes at the final exam in the admission procedure. Based on the performance in different exams, a merit list is then published of the candidates selected for the CPL training program. The short listed people are then offered to take admission for the said program in the respective aviation school to complete the training program and then get the CPL. 

The CPL training program

The program comprises of undergoing the 200 hours of flying hours of different aircrafts (single and multiengine) and 350 hours based ground training. In ground training, you are covered subjects like Air Regulations, Meteorology, Navigation, Radio Navigation and technical stuff. Usually the training duration is 10 to 12 months. Once you complete the program, you end up getting the CPL in India.


Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Requirements to get commercial pilot license

The career of commercial pilots is among the lucrative options to try out. It not only helps in giving you loads of money, but the right position in your community along with giving your passion to fly high a new height. If you love to fly high in the sky, then becoming a commercial pilot can be a dream come true kind of option. However, before you think of entering into this domain, it is always better to check the requirements to get the commercial pilot license. Let’s check them out as under: 

The CPL Prerequisites

Before you think of entering into this domain, you are supposed to check a couple of CPL prerequisites, which you need to suffice in order to enter into this domain. Well the very first thing you need is a private pilot license, then your age should be not less than 18 years, you should have class 1 medical, which has to be conducted by a qualified Aviation medical examiner, while there is no such special academic requirements except having the working knowledge of English and one foreign language like French. 







The CPL Requirements

In order to be a commercial pilot, you are supposed to complete 200 hours of total flight time along with 1000 hours of pilot in Command time like 20 hours of X country. Secondly, all your previous flight time should count in the program you pursue for commercial pilot training. Lastly, the time building should be needed to reach over the required amount of time.

The CPL course

In order to apply for commercial pilot license, you are supposed to have undergone the right training for the same. The required course should comprise of 65 hours of flight training along with the 40 hours of ground school as well. The breakup for the same would fall like the Night Endorsement and the over the Top VFR.  

CPL training program details 

The CPL training program you purse covers a number of things. This include the 35 hours of dual instruction, which include the 10 hours of advance dual instruction wherein you cover 5 hours (minimum) of X country along with 20 hours of instrument time and dual night for 5 hours at least.  The next 30 hours slot goes for the solo flight time wherein you have 25 hours of general practice including the radio communication and air work. The remaining 5 hours goes for solo night. In the straight line cross country, you are supposed to cover at least 300 nautical miles with 3 airport landing (minimum) apart from the departure airport. The last 80 hours of CPL training is dedicated to the ground school, which include the subjects like Meteorology, Air Law, General Knowledge and Navigation, which comes under instructions for the pilot students. 

Monday, 21 July 2014

Tips on getting your Commercial Pilot License

 Getting your commercial pilot license is among the basic requirements for becoming a full time commercial pilot at any airlines company. However, in order to get it, you are supposed to pass through a series of procedures meant for the same. Before you think of submitting any application, you are required to complete a number of training sessions, which can make you par for the program thus making you eligible for the license.  Apart from preparing yourself physically and mentally, you are also supposed to prepare financially since acquiring the commercial pilot license is always an expensive affair.  Well, let’s check some of the key tips and ideas on preparing and getting the CPL as under:

Are you fit to enter into the career of a commercial pilot?

Before you think of preparing for your commercial pilot license, it is always better to check whether this career happens to be the fitting option for you or not. Well, there are certainly loads of benefits to enjoy when you talk about aviation career; however, not fitting the bill would be an exercise to futility, which is really vital to check. There are certain attributes, which are required in order to become a pilot. As a pilot you are supposed to stay many of the times in higher altitudes, this could be a problem for few people. Secondly, if you are home sick, you cannot stay away from long as this profession would demand you to remain out for several days and weeks. On air, you have responsibility for the entire passengers boarding inside, you cannot just think of being irresponsible over the plane. If you fit into these criteria, you are free to step ahead for the said license.

Schedule a proper training for the license

Though you have the option of completing the flight training in just three or less amount of months and after that you have the option of applying for the commercial pilot license. This is practically possible; however, this can be only carried out under specific situations. First of all, you are supposed to talk about your efforts and time on flight training; secondly, you need to have a well planned schedule for your complete training session in order to ensure a fact that you would finish the training in shorter amount of timeframe. If you are seen working while you are getting trained, it would be really impossible to complete the said training not less than 6 to 8 months.

Choosing the best flight training school

When it comes to choosing any flight training school make sure you choose the right one. Apart from the issues like the tuition fee, you are supposed to check the quality of training being imparted from the particular institute along with checking the instructors found out there. There are so many flight schools, which will take care of the license once you complete the course, while there are few who are seen leaving it to apply for the said license. Seeking the help of the web, it is really very much difficult to find out the kind of schools that stand out, however, it should be backed by a good research. You can even ask for references from people who are into this field in order to find out one of the best schools in this domain.

Go for it gradually

Most of the aspiring pilots commit a mistake of choosing any school for their CPL training in haste. This is never a good option as most of the time you end up getting into a school, which may not be par in terms of quality or simply happen to be among the most expensive one. The right approach here is to find out a school slowly and steadily and then end up finding the right one without actually falling prey into an expensive and substandard one. Consider the school, which can cater quality training at a right pace so that you end up finding the right one.

Wrapping up

Getting a commercial pilot training is not often a child’s play. There are many hurdles to be crossed before you end up getting the said license. Before you think of entering into this field, make sure you explore all the required details of this career option and then head into this field. This will help in starting things right and reaching out in a right way towards getting the commercial pilot training program. If everything goes well, it will not take that too long in order to get the CPL and start getting the training.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Deciding one of the Best flying schools for your aviation career

If you love flying and reaching out to the heights of sky is your passion then you can make your career as a commercial pilot. Indeed the career of commercial pilot is among the most lucrative ones, in terms of per packages and perks apart from enjoying a good status in the society. Your first step towards making your career in aviations starts with a tangible commercial pilot programs, which help people enjoy lucrative careers. To get things right, it starts with one of the best flying school, which you need to find in order to join the appropriate aviation program. Once you complete your training of a commercial pilot, you become eligible to join any airlines company getting pay packages and perks. But before that its’ time to choose a right flying school for your aviation career, let’s do it: 

The local flight school
One of the key places, which come in your mind while thinking about airplanes, is of course your local airport. If you are choosing one of the best flight school for flying commercial flights, you are supposed to end up getting one of the best training programs, which enable you to get the flying skills and qualification as per the norms and requirements of flying agencies. If you are interested in merely flying the planes for hobby purpose then a private pilot license would suffice. However, this is for the people who own planes and are simply interested in flying for occasional or hobby purpose. In case of making a career in this field make sure you choose accordingly. The local airports are the ideal place for longer duration training programs, however, people who are interested in going for faster pace programs there are many institutes to choose for the same.

The accelerated flight school
If you are keen in making your flying career, or you are simply interested in getting a higher rating in a minimum amount of time, you can find a number of bigger professional flights schools, which are known to cater you accelerated programs. These are usually more condensed and comprehensive with some of them are even covered in few weeks, which goes as per planned and right schedule. The flight schools simply rely on a number of professional instructors and are seen with having larger aircraft fleets in order to accommodate the faster pace of training. It could sound to you some very stressful option in order to learn to fly, however, it is actually very much efficient and quicker since it does require less amount of repetition. All these flight training programs can help in catering to people interested in obtaining the right rating at once who are interested in finding the rating quickly.

The university flight school
The next option as your best flight school can be the university flight school wherein you can have your four year degree aviation program. There are many universities and colleges, which offer these programs. These programs are often clubbed together with a comprehensive practical training program. In this way the students when they end up doing their entire program, they are armed with comprehensive degree in aviation backed by a proper training, which makes them eligible to apply at various planes and flights. Mostly you end up becoming commercial pilot, which comes out with great pay packages and perks.

Which one to choose?
In the list of above three options, which one to choose for your commercial pilot career is an important question. Well the fact is each one of these programs cater the same kind of result, however, when it comes to choosing one of the best flying schools, you can certainly meet all your goals quickly and more effectively. Furthermore, there is nothing really wrong when you talk about changing in the midst of your training, however, make sure you do not simply allow your fear overshadow you or else you simply end up picking u a wrong school, which can keep you away from learning the flying skills and prevent you get the real taste and fun of flying in sky.

Now, you understand the importance of choosing the right and best kind of flying school for your aviation career. In this way, deciding the best school has to be a time consuming procedure, which must follow a right path. Take your time to research and find out the nothing but the best so that your bright future in aviation career is ensures. So, good luck hunting a right aviation school for a comprehensive flight program.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Commercial pilot training at a glance

If you have the passion of flying high in air, then considering it as your career can be a sagacious choice. One of the best ways to enter into this field is to become a commercial pilot. For this you are supposed to complete the commercial pilot training with flying colors. Once you have the commercial license, which allows you to fly the commercial flights legally then the options of entering in this career avenue becomes a reality. For becoming a commercial pilot in countries like Canada, you need a series of aviations licenses, which comes via showcasing your skills sets and mastery over a number of flying situations. Though a commercial pilot licenses simply all you to make money through flying, it simply alone does not render you the qualification in order to fly the commercial airlines. Most of the larger airline companies do require training and licensing beyond having the commercial licenses level before you turn out one of their pilots.  

The prerequisites
In order to go through commercial pilot training program successfully, you are supposed to first obtain the Category 1 medical designation, which comes out by simply qualifying the physical tests as carried out by the Transport Canada Aviation Medical Examiner. This is among the extensive kind of exam, which include the tests pertaining to hearing, vision and even the ECG. The medical experts or doctors will then even check your medical history. They will then find out a complete list of the current medical guidelines for your Category 1 medical test, which conforms to the one as shown over the Transport Canada website. If you are keen to find the Aviation Medical Examiner, consider seeking the help from Transport Canada or any reputed pilot training school found in your area. 

Earn your PPL or Private Pilot License
In order to accomplish your commercial pilot training, you are first required to earn your private pilot license. The flight schools in Canada often award these kinds of licenses apart from certain selected universities and college dealing with different flight programs. You can visit the Pilot Career Center portal in order to find out the relevant program in order to get the same. Once you plan to earn the private licenses, you are supposed to undergo a minimum of around 45 hours of flying time duration along with the same amount of classroom work assignments in order to learn the fundamental principles pertaining to aviation. Once you complete the said amount of classroom and flight time training, you are eligible to appear for the PPL or Private License written exam.  This is basically a multiple choice option test, which is conducted by the Transport Canada and the test flight wherein you are supposed to perform a variety of flight maneuvers under the supervision of one examiner. The training school you join would help you in finding the required study material, which helps in its preparation.

Get your night training
Though you may not find any kind of formal exam in order to find this rating, however, you are supposed to complete the five hours of night flying with the help of an instructor. This includes the two hours of cross country night flying as well. Also, you are supposed to complete total five hours of the solo flying at night and thus perform 10 take offs and landings. All these hours would be added to your flying log with the help of your flight training school. Once you complete them, you end up getting the night rating. 

Complete your CPL commercial pilot training
Now, you have to complete your commercial pilot training program wherein you are supposed to complete the additional 65 hours of flight training time, which is divided into 35 hours of instructor training and remaining 30 hours would be complete solo. In this instructor training 20 hours of flight training time with your instructor would be seen focusing on carrying out different drills with the help of aircraft instruments. Also, you are supposed to complete 40 hours of classroom hours wherein you are supposed to qualify the commercial license written test, which is again conducted by Transport Canada and is based on multiple choice options. This follows the flight maneuver exam. The institute training you would provide the necessary study material to qualify this test. 

The future is all yours
Once you complete your commercial pilot training program, you get your commercial pilot license, which allow you to apply at any airlines. The career of a commercial pilot is very much lucrative, which goes up with added amount of experience and exposure. Though you get a modest start once you get on over any commercial flight as commercial pilot, but once you gain more amount of experience in this field, the perks, pay package simply goes up. 

Monday, 30 June 2014

Getting Commercial Pilot License to start a good aviation career

Congrats for deciding on making your career in aviation industry as a commercial pilot at the outset. If you are really keen in making your career in this industry, then you won’t mind going through this article, as you are more likely to get loads of information, which can arm you the best to get a right start. Today when you can see lots of airline companies embarking in the market and phenomenon of adding up certain new ones are still seen adding up. Luckily, at such a helm of affair, if you are aspiring to become a commercial pilot, you are bound to make a lucrative career out of this domain. As per experts, the boom of aviation is going to remain way ahead of 2030, which all started 2 years before. The job market of commercial pilot is likely to boost up in the coming years. The very first thing you need to become a commercial pilot is the CPL or commercial pilot license. 

Why should you become a commercial pilot?  
Technically speaking in order to prosper in this field, you need to have the passion and hobby of flying in air. If you have been excited about the planes and flying high in air you have one of the best career options waiting for you to harness. The job of commercial pilot is to enjoy risk and adventure and remain in the air to carry out commercial planes from one place to the other. Indeed the career opportunities in aviation sector are on a sudden rise. This is one of the best times in the history of aviation to make good career as commercial pilot. The number of commercial pilots the industry need is on a constant rise. As per reports, if you see the rate of retirement of commercial pilot soon you would see a crunch of good pilots in the coming decade; hence this is the right time to enter in this field. As far as the salaries are concerned, it starts with a good package, which keeps on adding up as your experience keeps on flourishing in the coming next years. So, in terms of money, passion, status symbol, the career of commercial pilot is always lucrative.  
The commercial pilot license
As the name suggest, the commercial pilot license allows you to fly commercial aircrafts and flights on air. This simply means that you would be professionally flying different commercial planes and would be compensated by the company for flying the planes. This license is compulsory for people who are interested in making a career in flying. The very basic requirement for this license is the private pilot license, which you need to have before applying for the commercial pilot license. 
The specific requirements for CPL
In order to be a successful commercial pilot, you are supposed to have certain basic requirements, which include the minimum age of 18, the medical requirements should be par and you must have class 1 Medical certificate, which is to be valid for the commercial pilot license. As far as the ground school requirement is concerned, you are supposed to complete at least 80 hours of private pilot ground school training. In order to pass the written test exam for the commercial pilot license you should have the minimum score of 60 percent. In addition, you are supposed to achieve the minimum score of around 60 percent in each of the subjects including Meteorology, Navigation, Air Law and Aeronautics. 
The flying requirements of CPL
You must have completed at least 200 hours of total flying time that should include 100 hours as pilot in command and the 20 hours of cross country flight as the pilot in command. Once you get the PPL you are then required to complete 65 hours of commercial pilot training program, which would comprise of 35 hours of dual instruction with the certified flight instructor, 5 hours of cross country flying and 5 hours of night time flying. This can include the 5 hours of night time flying, which should be at least two hours of night time cross country flight time. Of the total 65 hours of flying you should include the minimum of 20 hours of additional instrument flying wherein around 10 of the hours could be performed over the approved flight simulators. 
The cost
The cost of commercial pilot license would generally vary from one training program to the other programs run by different flying schools. However, the average cost of the training program can cost you around 30,000 to 40,000 dollars depending upon the institute and other factors. Most the schools differ by flight school and the amount of time it consumes to master the content. This is considered to be among the biggest factor that makes the difference.